RephiTEKT Prefilter Support (no cartridge)


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RephiTEKT is an easy and convenient prefiltration pack. It is designed to remove particles, colloids, organic compounds, microorganism, etc. to protect RO membranes and downstream purification components in a water system, thereby ensuring reliable system operation, improved system service life and lower operating cost.

Catalog No.: RW50211KT


RephiTEKT Prefiltration Support (no cartridge) RW50211KT is the support for RephiTEKT. RephiTEKT is an easy and convenient prefiltration pack.

Package:1/ PK


Package Dimensions & Gross Weight:

Length X Depth X Height (mm): 550 X 260 X 220

Gross Weight (kgs): 4.0

Suitable for the following water systems:

Genie G     Genie U     Genie A     Genie E     Genie R

NuZar U    NuZar E    NuZar H    NuZar R     NuZar C

Direct-Pure Genie       Direct-Pure UP       Direct-Pure adept       Direct-Pure EDI       Direct-Pure RO

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