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To the extent that Salus Bioscience uses trademarks, service marks, tradenames, or other identifying information of other companies referred to on this website, Salus Bioscience is making use of those trademarks for identification, or is making use by permission. The owners of the trademarks have not consented to further use or copying of the trademarks and Salus Bioscience cannot license such trademarks.
Millipore, Q-PAK, Super-Q, Super-C, Milli-Q, ROGARD, Milli-RO, ROPAK, AFSPAK, Polygard, Gradient, Synthesis, AFS, SDS, Academic, Biocel, Element, progard, Qgard, quantum, Millipak and any other tradenames prefixed by the words Millipore or Millipore’s that might not be included in this notice are trademarks of Millipore Corporation.
Millipore Registered Trademarks: Direct-Q, Elix, Millipore, Milli-Q, Milli-RO, A10, AFS, Progard, Q-Gard, QPak, Quantum, ROPAK, SimPak, Simplicity, Super-Q, Synergy
Millipore Trademarks: Milli-RX, Pyrogard, RiOs, RiOs-DI, BioPAK
All other products, related trademarks and trade names used on this website are trademarks and the property of their respective owners. TM and ® might be omitted from this website and other Salus products and marketing materials.
This is not necessarily a full list of the trademark notifications we must make, if you see one or some we inadvertently left off, please contact 1-855-737-4453 to have it added.
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