PVDF Sterile Syringe Filter RJV3222SH, RJV3245SH

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The RephiQuik PVDF sterile syringe filters utilize a hydrophilic PVDF membrane.

Catalog No.: RJV3222SH, RJV3245SH

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RephiQuik disposable 32mm polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) sterile syringe filters are mainly used in the filtration of tissue culture media/additives, sterilizing buffers, sterilizing biological solutions or for other life science sample preparation applications. PVDF membrane features a fast flow rate with prominent low protein and preservative binding. The filters are EO sterilized and individually packaged in a standard 100-unit pack.


The specifications of 32mm RephiQuik PVDF sterile syringe filters are as follows:

Catalog No.: RJV3222SH, RJV3245SH

Diameters: 32 mm

Effective Filtration Area 4.4 cm²

Length, Inlet to outlet 26 mm

Housing material Polypropylene (PP)

Inlet Fittings Female Luer-Lok

Outlet Fittings Male Luer slip

Maximum Process Volume 100 mL

Hold-up Volume (after air purge) ≤ 80 μL

Maximum Operating Pressure 7 bar (100 psi)

Maximum Operating Temperature 45 ℃

Sterilization Method: EO

This RephiQuik PVDF Sterile Syringe Filter RJV3222SH / RJV3245SH is individually packaged in a standard 100-unit pack.

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