0.2 um PES final filter


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This 0.2 μm PES capsule filter is especially designed for Genie water systems as a final purification step of laboratory pure water. It removes particles and microorganisms from liquids. Each filter is tested for integrity.

Features:Low hold-up volumes and extractables; Manufactured in class 10,000 ISO certified clean room

Catalog No.:RAFFC7250


0.2 μm PES final filter RAFFC7250 is designed for particulate-free and bacteria-free water at the point of dispense and recommended to prepare Microbiological culture media and Biochemistry buffers and reagents.

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Shell & Support: PP

Material of Membrane: PES

Material of Bell: PC

Pore Size: 0.2 μm

Effective Filtering Area: 250 cm²

Maximum Operating Temperature: < 60oC @ 2.1 bar

Max Flow Rate: 2 L/min

Inlet: G 1/4″

Sterilization: Non-seterile

Package Dimensions & Gross Weight 

Length X Depth X Height (mm): 140 X 80 X 90

Gross Weight (kgs): 0.1

Suitable for the following systems:

Genie Water Systems NuZar Water System Super-Genie Water Purification Stations
Genie G NuZar U Super-Genie G (Jan., 2020-now)
Genie U NuZar E Super-Genie U (Jan., 2020-now)
Genie E  NuZar H Super-Genie E (Jan., 2020-now)
Genie A  NuZar H Super-Genie R (Jan., 2020-now)
Genie E NuZar Q
Genie PURIST     

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