Genie Cleaning Pack RR700CL01


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A Genie cleaning Pack is used  to clean and sanitize an RO membrane in a Genie water system for optimum performance.

Catalog No.: RR700CL01


Genie cleaning Pack RR700CL01 is used as cleaning pack for Genie water system to clean RO membrane.

Package:1/ PK


Flow rate: ≥2L/min(Feed pressure ≥ 2 bar)

Height: 393.8mm

Diameter: φ90mm

Package Dimensions & Gross Weight:

Length X Depth X Height (mm): 460 X 130 X 130

Gross Weight (kgs): 1.70

Suitable for the following Genie water systems:

Genie G

Genie U

Genie A

Genie E

Genie R

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