Pellet salt LABSA1010


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RephiLe Catalog No.:LABSA1010


Pellet salt LABSA1010 is suitable for Water Softener System to soften the inlet water to protect the RO membrane and EDI module. The system is also suitable for industrial or lab instruments (pure water systems, water bath kettles, ice machines, etc.) to prevent scaling. It’s strongly recommended to be used in areas with hard water supply.

Package:10 kg/pk


Suitable for the following water systems:

Direct-Pure Genie

Direct-Pure UP

Direct-Pure adept

Direct-Pure EDI

Direct-Pure RO

Genie G

Genie U

Genie A

Genie E

Genie R

Super-Genie G

Super-Genie U

Super-Genie E

Super-Genie R

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