Remote Dispenser for Direct-Pure and PURIST Water Systems RSP0U000N


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This dispenser provides an integrated solution for lab water. It provides volumetric dispensing and real time water quality monitoring. The dispenser is compactly designed and easy to operate.

Catalog No.: RSP0U000N


The remote dispenser RSP0U000N provides integrated solutions for lab water. They provide volumetric dispensing and real-time water quality monitoring. The dispensers are compactly designed and easy to operate.

Remote dispenser with resistivity sensor

Catalog No.: RSP0U000N

Package:1/ PK


Dimensions Diameter x height: 21 x 74 cm (8.3 ×29.1 in)

Weight: 5 kg

Tubing Length: 3 m

Operating Voltage: 24 VDC

with resistivity sensor

Package Dimensions & Gross Weight:

Length X Depth X Height (mm): 630 X 330 X 230

Gross Weight (kgs): 6.20

Suitable for the following systems:

Direct-Pure Genie (without TOC)

Direct-Pure UP (without TOC)

PURIST Pro (without TOC)


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