Large Genie C Clinical Lab Water Systems

Large Genie C produces clinical laboratory reagent water from tap water for up to 80 liters per hour.

Systems: RG0C04000, RG0C08000

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The Large Genie series is a mini high-output water purification system introduced by Salus Bioscience. Despite its small size, Large Genie is capable of producing large volumes of purified water with reliable quality. It is an ideal solution for users who need large quantity high-quality pure water per day but have limited lab space. With a Large Genie, you can use your lab room more efficiently and enjoy numerous ancillary advantages associated with its small footprint. Most importantly, the system can potentially have a positive impact on your overall operational costs and helps improving the profitability position of your facility.

High-output clinical water system Large Genie C produces clinical laboratory reagent water for up to 80 Liters per hour.

Quality of CLRW from high-output clinical water system Large Genie C meets clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) standards that complies with the CLSI® guideline.

The system is CE/RoHS certified. Salus Bioscience provides full documents support to meet users’ GMP, GSP, GAP, GCP, and GLP requirements.

General specifications
FeedMunicipal water, Conductivity < 2000 μS/cm (1000 ppm)
Feed water pressure1 - 6 bar (15 - 90 psi)
RO rejection97 to 98% ionic rejection (new RO cartridge)
> 99% organic rejection
> 99% particulates & bacteria rejection
Production rate (@ 25℃)40, 80 L/hr
Dispensing rateUp to 2.0 L/min
Resistivity (@ 25℃)> 10 MΩ·cm (typically > 16 MΩ·cm)
TOC*< 30 ppb
ParticlesNo Particles with size > 0.22 μm (with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)
Silica< 5 μg/L
Bacteria< 1 CFU/ml
Main system Width × depth × height 57 × 46 × 70 cm (22.5 × 18.2 × 27.5 in)
Dispenser Width × depth × height21 × 29 × 61 cm (8.3 × 11.4 × 24.0 in)
Main system weight (Net)38 kg
Input Voltage100-240 VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Main system power< 250 W

*Product water quality may vary due to local feed water conditions.

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Large Genie C

Please note that there is no dispenser in a set. Please purchase separately if you need one or more. 

Each system catalog number includes consumables and accessories listed in this table other than a main water system.

RO flow Rate(L/h)4080
It includes:
RR504CPC111RephiDuo P Pack with Chlorine cleaner, High Flow
RR70R400112Genie RO Pack, 40 L/H
RR504CAN111RephiDuo C Pack A cartridge, High Flow
RR504CBN111RephiDuo C Pack B cartridge, High Flow
RAFC02201110.2 µm PES capsule filter
RAPRC011911Leak Protector for large Genie

* Preinstalled

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