Super-Genie E Water Purification Stations

Super-Genie E produces large volumes of EDI water (Type II water) from tap water directly. The system is created to serve as a core workstation generating purified water for a single lab facility or several labs.

Systems without tank: RL1E03000, RL1E06000, RL1E01H00, RL1E02H00

Systems with an integrated 100 L tank:RL1E030T1, RL1E060T1, RL1E01HT1, RL1E02HT1

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Super-Genie E is specifically designed to produce large volumes of Type II pure water from tap water.

The system is manufactured in an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturing site and CE marked. Quality of EDI water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type II water standards.

You can select one Super-Genie E system by different EDI production rates, 30 L/h,60 L/h,125 L/h,250 L/h, to meet your specific requirements.

General specifications 
Feed waterTap, TDS < 1000 ppm ( 2000 μS/cm )
Product waterEDI water
EDI production rate30, 60, 125, 250 L/hr @ 25℃
Dispensing RateUp to 2.0 L/min
EDI water resistivity (@ 25℃)> 5 MΩ·cm (typically 10 - 16 MΩ·cm)
Ultrapure water TOC*< 30 ppb
Dimensions, w/o tank 56 × 61 × 138 cm (22.0 × 24.0 × 54.3 in)
Dimensions, with 100L tank 56 × 88 × 138 cm (22.0 × 34.6 × 54.3 in)
Weight< 160 kg
Voltage / Frequency220 V ± 10%, 60 Hz
Main system power< 1000 W

*Product water quality may vary due to local feed water conditions.

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Super-Genie E systems

A 100 L tank (Cat. No. RATK100L0) is preinstalled in RL0E030T1/ RL0E060T1/ RL0E01HT1/ RL0E02HT1.

Each system catalog number includes consumables and accessories listed in this table other than a main water system.

EDI Prod. Rate(L/h)3060125250
It includes:
RG0P0U0011111Dispenser Kit
RAR0050LG*12RO Membrane ( 50L/h)
RAR01H0LG*12RO Membrane (150 L/h)
RAUV212A7*1111254 nm UV Lamp

* Preinstalled

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