Genie De-ion Water Purification & Dispensing Kit


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Genie De-ion Water Purification & Dispensing Kit Provides ultrapure water for trace and ultra-trace element analysis. 

Catalog No.: RG0P0U005


Genie De-ion Water Purification & Dispensing Kit Provides ultrapure water for trace and ultra-trace element analysis. 

The rapid increase of detection capabilities of modern analytical techniques, including ICP-MS, nano UHPLC and nano LC-MS, greatly simplifies the quantification of trace and ultra-trace elements in diversified scientific and industrial fields. With their extreme sensitivity, low detection limits, high throughput and lots of other advantages, these analytical techniques project rigorous requirements for the control of contamination, in which, purity of the water substantially used during the analytical process is a key to a meaningful analysis.
Genie De-ion Water Purification & Dispensing Kit is a bi-functional kit that is specially designed to fulfill the stringent requirements of trace and ultra-trace element analysis. It not only serves as a polishing unit to further purify ultrapure water fed by Genie G or Genie PURIST but also provides secure delivery of analytical-grade purified water, elemental contaminants down to ppt and sub-ppt levels.

Key Features

● Powerful ICP ultra-purification cartridge
· In-depth removal of ultra-trace ions to extremely low levels, commonly ppt and even sub-ppt
· Improved water quality stability and processing efficiency due to an optimized flow scheme
· High pressure rated housings, proprietary sealing, and double O-rings designs ensuring operational confidence
· RFID tracking and monitoring for optimal system performance and real-time operational intelligence
· Easy access through the front door. Installation and maintenance require no tools or experience

● 2.4” built-in color capacitive touchscreen

· Display of adequate product water information, such as quality, flow rate and other key parameters for real-time monitoring
· Manual and volumetric dispensing and dispensing rate adjustment
· Highly responsive, water-proof and latex glove friendly. Perfect for wet labs
· Easy to clean & resistant to scratches

Easy integration into a laboratory space and simple to use

· Metallic-free water tubing support is easily adaptable to a laminar flow hood
· The foot-switch allows hands-free water delivery with no cross-contamination.


DescriptionValue or range
Product Water Quality
Flow Rate0 - 1.5 L/min
Footswitch Flow RateUp to 1.5 L/min
Resistivity (@25°C)18.2 MΩ·cm
TOC≤2 ppb
Dimensions & Weight
System Dimensions (H x W x D)32 cm x 44 cm x 54 cm
Weight8 kg
Holder tubing length3 m

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information
DescriptionCatalog No.:
Genie De-ion water purification & dispensing kitRG0P0U005
Genie ICP packRR700QICP
0.1 um PES Capsule Filter, 2.5 inchRAFC02101
Foot switchRAPRE0221

*Genie De-ion is an accessory of Genie G or Genie PURIST systems.

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