UV lamp 185/254 nm, replace ZMQUVLP01


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This dual-wavelength UV lamp is designed for photooxidation of organic contaminates to reduce TOC in water.

Product Catalog No.: 265021701

Millipore Catalog No.: ZMQUVLP01


UV lamp 185/254 nm, replace ZMQUVLP01

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Wavelength: 185/254 nm

Power of work: 17 w

Length: 365 mm

Package Dimensions & Gross Weight:

Length X Depth X Height (mm): 430x80x60

Gross Weight (kgs): 0.30

Suitable for the following Millipore systems:

Milli-Q Gradient (Century Range)

Milli-Q Synthesis (Century Range)

Milli-Q Advantage A10

Milli-Q Integral

Milli-Q Reference

Milli-Q Direct

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