RephiDuo P PACK TL1, replacing Progard TL1 PR0GTL0S1


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The cartridge is designed to efficiently remove large particles, organic compounds and free chlorine from tap water to protect RO membranes against fouling, scaling and chlorine attack in a large Elix or RiOs water purification system.

RephiLe Catalog No.: RR500CP01

Millipore Catalog No.: PR0GTL0S1

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Package:1/ PK


Burst pressure:≥15 bar

Flow rate: ≥2 L/min(Feed pressure ≥ 2 bar)

Height: 512.5 mm

Package Dimensions & Gross Weight

Length X Depth X Height (mm): 580x220x130

Gross Weight (kgs): 2.8

Suitable for the following Millipore systems:

Elix Clinical 35/70

Elix 20/35/70/100

RiOs 30/50/100/150/200

Elix Gulfstream

Elix Gulfstream Clinical