Tank Vent Filter with CO2 Remover


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This product is designed to prevent airborne particles, CO2, organic and bacteria from entering the 30/60/100 Liters pure water storage tanks. It contains a scavenger to remove CO2 for advanced protection.
RephiLe Catalog No.: RATANKVN1
Millipore Catalog No.: TANKMPK01


Package1 / PK


Pore size: 0.45 µm

Height: 95 mm (3.74 in)

Package Dimensions & Gross Weight 

Length X Depth X Height (mm): 140x80x90

Gross Weight (kgs): 0.20

Suitable for the following Millipore systems:
Elix (UV) 3/5/10 (30/60/100 L PE Reservoir)
Elix Advantage (30/60/100 L PE Reservoir)
Elix Reference (30/60/100 L PE Reservoir)
Elix Essential (30/60/100 L PE Reservoir)
Milli-Q Integral  (30/60/100 L PE Reservoir)
It can be also used for the following RephiLe systems:
Direct-Pure Genie (30/60 L PE Reservoir)
Direct-Pure UP (30/60 L PE Reservoir)
Direct-Pure EDI (30/60 L PE Reservoir)
Direct-Pure RO (30/60 L PE Reservoir)

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