Direct-Pure adept Lab Water Systems


Direct-Pure adept produces ultrapure and RO water from tap water directly. It is a no-storage-tank type of water system.

Regular Systems: RD1A0400E
Systems with UV: RD1A040UE
Standard sets: RD1A0400EK, RD1A040UEK

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Direct-Pure adept produces ultrapure & RO water from tap water directly with a small footprint.  It is a good choice for users who need a small amount of pure water daily (up to 20 liters of ultrapure water or RO water per day).

Quality of ultrapure product water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards.

General specifications
FeedMunicipal water, TDS < 500 ppm ( 1000 μS/cm )
ProductUltrapure & RO pure water
Feed water pressure1 - 6 bar (15 - 90 psi)
RO production rate (@ 25℃)> 0.5 L/min at 25℃
Dispensing rate> 0.5 L/min at 25℃
Ultrapure water resistivity ( @ 25℃ )18.2 MΩ·cm
Ultrapure water TOC*< 10 ppb
Particles in ultrapure water ( > 0.2 μm)No particles ( with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)
Microorganisms< 0.01 cfu/ml ( with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)
Pyrogens (endotoxins)< 0.001 Eu/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
RNase< 0.5 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
DNase< 10 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
Main system Length x Depth x Height 30 cm × 51 cm ×48 cm
Power < 75 W

* Product water quality may vary due to local feed water conditions.


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Direct-Pure adept Sets

A Direct-Pure adept Set includes:

Main system; Prefiltration kit; RO membrane(s); Two cartridges(P pack & U pack) and a final filter.

It includes:
RR300CP4111P Pack
RR600Q2KT11U Pack with a final filter
RAUV357B1*1185 / 254 nm UV lamp
RW10311KT1110 inch Prefiltration Kit
RAR0015HG22RO Membrane

* Preinstalled

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